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Enjoy English - 5 form


Section 1 “School”   


 Literature - литература

Maths - математика

Art - изобразительное искусство

Music - музыка

History - история

Information Technology (I.T.) - информатика

Physical Education (P. E.) - физкультура

Nature Studies - естественные науки

English - английский язык

a timetable - расписание

a break - перемена, перерыв

a subject - учебный предмет

a mark - отметка


[t]-timetable, Art, subject…

[k]-clever, nickname, speak, mark…

[i]-Literature, miss, uniform, foreign…

[f]-form, Physical, uniform, foreign…

[e]-spend, Technology, friend, help…

Отгадайтезагадки.  What lesson is it?

1.       We read texts, learn poems, listen to the teacher and write stories.

2.       We do sums, count and write. 

3.       We listen to music, sing songs. 

                                             4.       We run, jump, play games. 

1. We have lessons in it. 
2. We seat on it. 
3. A clock has two … 
4. We have a lot of them in the garden. They are very beautiful. 
5. We read it. 
6. We have a lot of them in the classroom 


 1. Match the words with the name of a subject. Make up sentences as in the example.

(Соедините слова с названием предмета, составьте устно предложения по образцу)

Example: We read stories and poems at our Reading lessons.

1) read stories and poems 
2) make different things 
3) draw pictures 
4) speak English 
5) run, jump and ski 
6) learn things about nature 
7) sing songs 
8) learn Russian and write exercises
9) study numbers, count

Nature Study
2. Make up dialogue:
  1. thanks a lot
  2. Can you help me?
  3. on your timetable
  4. Do you like your school?
  5. What is your favourite subject?

Kate: Hello, Tom! 1) …

Tom: Oh, yes, I do. It’s very interesting to go to my school.

Kate: How many subjects are there 2) … ?

Tom: Nine.

Kate: What about English lessons?

Tom: I’ve got English five times a week

Kate: 3) …

Tom: My favourite subject is Maths because I am good at it.

Kate: But I have some problems with Maths. 4) …

Tom: Of course, I can. See you later.

Kate: Bye and 5) …

3. Put words in the sentences: lessons, subjects, at 8 o`clock, six, Sunday, have.

School starts at   _________.

We go to school ____  days a week.

We have 5-6 _________ a day.

We have main __________ : Russian, Literature, Mathematics, History, Biology and English.

We also _____ Music, Art, Information Technology, Physical Education and Technology.


We don’t have lessons on ________ .

4. Прочитайте рассказ.  Постарайтесь  понять его содержание  и выполнить  задание.  Верно (true)или неверно (false)

Запишите ответы в таблицу


Hi! My name is Robert.  I live in Moscow. Moscow is a big and an old city. There are many places of interest in it, and I like my school.  I’m a schoolboy and  I’m in the 6th form.. We wear school uniform at school.  Our school is very old. I go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We  don’t go to school on Saturday and Sunday. We have many interesting subjects at school .We mustn’t talk with our friends at the lesson. 

My favourite subject is: English. We have English lessons three times a week.  I mustn’t be late for school.







I live in Moscow




I   am a schoolgirl




I am in the  5th form




We go to school every day




I like my school




My favourite subject is English




We have English lessons two times a week




I mustn’t be late for school.






4. Make the right choice:

1. I (am, is, are) watching TV in my living room.
2. Kevin (am, is, are) sleeping.
3. (Am, is, are) she cooking in the kitchen? Yes she (am, is, are).
4. What (am, is, are) they reading? They (am, is, are) reading an English book/
5. My mother (am, is, are) playing the piano.
6. My friend and I (am, is, are) playing computer game now.


1. They (play) football in the dark.
2. … we (wash) the plates in the kitchen? Yes, we …
3. Mrs. Rogers (go) to the shop.
4. I (have) lunch with my family.
5. … he (take) a shower? No, he …
6. My sister and I (watch) TV.

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